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Alternative therapy for your child’s health

For parents who are concerned or keen to boost their children’s immunity, Physician Lee Jin Shun of Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic at Bedok/Hougang, and Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic at Plaza Singapura believes paediatric tuina may help.


This non-invasive therapy combines massage and acupressure to stimulate the body’s acupoints. Using these techniques, common ailments affecting the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems can be treated or prevented, said Physician Lee. Paediatric tuina best suits children between six months and seven years old, he said.

Whether your child suffers from a cold, cough, digestive issues or poor-quality sleep, paediatric tuina is said to counteract health conditions by improving the flow of qi and blood, regulating the organ systems’ physiological functions, boosting the immune system and promoting brain growth and development.


Depending on the severity of your child’s condition, a course of treatment typically comprises five sessions, with each lasting around 15 to 20 minutes. Some oral prescriptions may be recommended to complement the sessions.

But, as Physician Lee noted, paediatric tuina should be avoided if your child has open wounds, abrasions, sores, bone fractures or dislocated joints, infectious diseases such as chicken pox or Hand Foot Mouth Disease, serious heart and liver ailments, or mental health conditions.

Before a session, mentally prepare your child by informing him about it. On appointment day, have your child dress in loose clothing. A light meal prior is recommended.

During the first session, your child’s particulars, body temperature and medical history will be recorded. A specific plan is then drawn up based on the physician’s assessment. During treatment, your child may be asked to lie down or remain seated.

Your child should have some warm water at the end of the session, according to Physician Lee. He also suggested that young children avoid chilled, raw, overly greasy, and sweet food in all circumstances as these foods are hard to digest and can stress their digestive system.

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