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Small business, economy’s engine room

APPROXIMATELY 95% of employers are considered to be a small business (less than 20 employees), including micro businesses (less than five employees). Micro & small businesses make a significant contribution to the total value of industry output. Small businesses are spread out over all industries. In the Coffs Harbour region …

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The faltering economy — On the weak numbers

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Queen Angela commands a German economy unfit for the 21st Century

The German economic supercycle peaked two years ago. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s unenviable task over her fourth term is to manage national decline, whatever the make-up of the next coalition. The pathologies eating away at the country’s pre-digital 20th Century economy have been masked by distorsions of monetary union, and lately …

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Explaining the Rise of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Economy

The city’s rise as a global innovation city reflects decades of investment in emerging technology, a new Brookings report says. As cities around the country rush to respond to Amazon’s RFP for its new HQ2, it’s worth remembering that urban economies aren’t built by winning a contest; they are grown …

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My comment on helping strengthen the US economy was misconstrued

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said his comment to United States President Donald Trump on wanting to help strengthen the US economy was “misconstrued”. “Sometimes statements made by leaders including me have been misconstrued to confuse the rakyat. This is especially so when I spoke to Trump at the White House …

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