Pediatric oncology nurse finds joy in her work | Health

When Melanie Clark tells people she is a pediatric oncology nurse, the next thing out of their mouth is very predictable. “That must be very depressing,” Clark recounts about the inevitable follow up question. It’s her answer that’s probably the most surprising. “It truly is not sad,” said Clark, who …

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Two grants benefit pediatric research in Richmond | Health

Pediatric cancer receives only about 4 percent of the total amount of funding that the National Institutes of Health doles out for cancer research. Those who specialize in pediatric cancer research, like Dr. Seth Corey, a researcher and pediatric oncologist with the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, must often …

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Health care ‘failure’, insurance costs, PG&E bill

Failure was Trump GOPnot of quality health care The Sept. 27 headline, “Another health care failure,” misstated the outcome of the Republican legislative effort. It should have stated, “Another health care success,” or “Another GOP failure” or “Another Trump failure.” Viva Obamacare. John ZugnoniAlameda Give people money, letthem pick how to …

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