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Fairfield Police invest in technology to make work more efficient

FAIRFIELD Technology often makes work more efficient. And while Fairfield police officials say nothing will replace “good, old-fashion” police work, technology does allow police officers to be more efficient in how they approach their jobs, said Fairfield police Chief Michael Dickey. “When you’re looking at technology, you’re looking at efficiencies. …

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Smart technology is taking control of our lives without us even noticing… as a third of Brits admit they would rather leave the house with their mobile phone than their spouse, children or money

silent revolution One in three Brits could not cope without access to their phone, laptop or tablet for more than three hours BRITAIN is experiencing a silent revolution – with “smart technology” taking control of our homes without us even noticing. Smart TV’s, laptops and tablets are already being used …

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Ways to have fun with technology

Computers, smartphones, and other gadgets have become a necessity in our work and personal lives. But they don’t have to be used so seriously! Technology can also bring us some fun, laughter, and enjoyment. I’m reminded of this often from my kids. I have to spend most days typing, talking …

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