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Heterojunction Solar Technology Being Deployed at Siberian Site

10/01/2017 | Darrell Proctor A joint venture of two Russian companies is building a solar power project in southern Siberia based on heterojunction technology (HJT), which is touted as a high-efficiency solar cell concept. Researchers have said photovoltaic (PV) systems using HJT solar modules provide higher energy output than …

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Building a stronger society through technology transfer

Institutions of higher learning are uniquely inspiring places – faculty and staff work their hardest to instill a passion for learning in the generations of students that walk their campuses, and university faculty and researchers across the country are constantly experimenting with, innovating and creating new technologies that could potentially …

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New technology gets a better look at breast cancer

WICHITA FALLS – Sunday is the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and medical professionals want to make sure you have your screenings scheduled.  New 3-D technology is making it even easier to catch cancer before it spreads.   A new study in 2017 said about 250,000 women and …

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Nuclear – Power The Extraordinary – New Ad Campaign Touting Marvels of Atomic Technology – Forbes

Forbes Nuclear – Power The Extraordinary – New Ad Campaign Touting Marvels of Atomic TechnologyForbesPower the Extraordinary” the U.S. nuclear industry’s trade organization will be speaking “to the critical role that nuclear technology plays in our lives. With dramatic visuals, the new campaign captures the far-reaching benefits that nuclear … …

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