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Devoted grandson creates technology to notify families when an elderly loved one falls


A 23-YEAR-OLD entrepreneur has developed a CCTV detection system that will notify family members if their elderly relative has fallen in their home.

Nathan Blackburn, from Rainford, set up his company CareCams in memory of his granddad Bill Blackburn who died earlier this year aged 90.

While he was alive Bill had had a couple of falls so his devoted grandson came up with a CCTV in home system where he and other family could check on his granddad from work.

The former Carmel pupil then joined forces with a video analytics company, which enabled him to make a piece of software that alerts families if their loved one has a fall, without the need of a bracelet or pendant.

He believes this system can save lives and has launched it as a company, with the hopes of one day making it a charity in his granddad Bill’s name.

Nathan, who is also the owner of website design company easywebsiteuk, said: “I set it up in 2013 while I was caring for granddad and running my business, so I could check on his from the office.

“He fell and my luckily my aunty was watching so we helped him.

“However, that got me thinking of setting up a notification on it so it would detect when someone has fell and notify their family – since then people keep wanting me to install them for their loved ones as well.

“CareCams helped my Grandad many times over. Hopefully now, the system can provide some peace of mind to families while allowing more elderly and vulnerable people to live in their own homes for longer.

“Sadly, granddad didn’t get to see the update of getting notifications but I know he was proud of me and one day I hope to turn it into a charity to help others in his name.”

For more information visit carecams.co.uk

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