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How the new stadium can help the local economy

We look at how Everton moving to Bramley Moore Dock will provide a boost to tourism and pave the way for new homes in the Liverpool area.

In the grand scheme of things, Everton are in an excellent position all around. Yes, they’ve struggled to perform consistently on the pitch so far this season, but it’s all about perspective.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago, the club were in dire straits financially. Now — as evidenced by a flurry of summer signings — they can afford to pay big money for players, with more confidence than ever before.

Similarly, most Evertonians remember the dark days of 1998, when only a superior goal difference saved them from relegation. By contrast, nowadays there are no such fears.

And let’s not forget about Everton’s commitment to their youth setup. Last season they won the inaugural Premier League 2 title and are expected to remain in contention for the foreseeable future.

Another sign of the Blues’ improved finances, stability and future, relates to their stadium situation. Although still in the discussion stage, they are expected to eventually move to Bramley Moore Dock.

Of course, until construction is actually underway, Toffees fans will not entirely believe it. They are renowned for never taking anything for granted.

Regardless, the signs are the new stadium will be built sooner than later. This is excellent news, considering speculation about moving from Goodison park dates back as far as the 1990s.

As such, these are exciting times for both Everton and the city in general. In fact, the stadium at Bramley Moore Dock has been described as a “game-changer”, which will help boost the local economy.

As reported by Deborah Stone of The Express, the stadium will result in an additional estimated £900 million Gross Value for the region. Construction would create around 12,000 jobs, while £255 million would be channelled through local supply chains and services.

The new stadium is also expected to lead to 1,650 new homes in Liverpool’s City Docks. It doesn’t stop there though.

The Express spoke to Iain Jenkinson, who is senior director of planning and development at CBRE, the real estate and investment firm involved with Everton on the new stadium project. Jenkinson said:

“In addition, (this project) will further enhance the city’s international reputation for delivering major transformational projects on such a large scale.”

As things stand, Manchester is arguably still a bigger city and more desirable destination for people to both live and visit. However, if the Bramley Moore Dock project is any indication, the gap should only continue to close.

So, stop worrying about the recent performances on the pitch. This is a great time to be an Everton fan and the future looks as bright as ever.

Are you excited about the pending move to Bramley Moore Dock? Will it help Everton compete more with other clubs in the Premier League? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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