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PROPERTY: Smart home technology is here to say, suggests survey


OLDER folks are the biggest users of smart home technology, a poll suggests.

The study by blinds company Thomas Sanderson found that 35 per cent of people aged 55 and over have introduced smart technology to their homes, such as smart thermostats that turn the heating on before you get home, or smart speakers that play music when you talk to them. The figure compares to just 18 per cent of people aged 18 to 34.

The study also suggests that 40 per cent of Britons say smart home gadgets have improved their standard of living, while only eight per cent are passing it off as “just another technology fad”.

Saving money is a key factor, with 40 per cent of people saying they bought the devices to help them spend less on energy, while 24 per cent were hoping to save time on simple household tasks.

Julian Leece, senior designer at Thomas Sanderson, said: “Smart home technology is definitely here to stay. It’s interesting to see how older generations have adopted smart technology into their home so well.”

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