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Sheriff attaches Gauteng health’s furniture for medical negligence debt

The department failed to pay up and a notice of attachment in execution, dated July 7 2017, ordered the sheriff to attach items to the value of R6.2m.

The inventory included three lounge suites, 10 fridges, 10 microwaves, 50 printers, 200 filing cabinets, 400 computers, 400 desks and 600 chairs.

DA health spokesman Jack Bloom said some staff even hid their personal laptops when the sheriff came to collect in fear their items would be attached.

However, the value of the attached goods, at just more than R403,000, does not cover the negligence bill.

To date no healthcare professionals have been held accountable for negligence that led to cerebral palsy and brain damage in hundreds of babies at public hospitals across the province.

The department has pleaded poverty before the Constitutional Court, claiming that paying out lump sums for medico-legal cases would cripple it, but failed to substantiate this. The department did not respond to questions on how it planned to manage its mounting debt.


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