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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Fulfilled – The Reformed Broker

Our annual Christmas tradition since 2013 has been to bring the kids down to South Florida to visit with my wife’s parents and see all of our New York friends in a new and different locale! This tradition was interrupted in 2020 like so many other aspects of life, but this year we’re determined to make it happen again.

So off we go, with rapid tests in our suitcases and a prayer that the flights don’t get canceled in our hearts.

I want to thank everyone who’s been along for the ride with me here this year. I’ve gotten some stuff wrong in ’21 but I think, on balance, I was pretty good this year. Kept people out of the wild speculative SPAC and meme stock games in Q1, stayed positive when Delta struck in July, positing that the market would see its way past it, did the same a few weeks ago when Omicron became a thing. I don’t fancy myself a fortune teller, but I use the research I do to write this blog in order to discover what I think is important or true. Then, in the process of turning my ideas into posts, I learn a lot about what I actually believe, sharing it with you in real-time. I hope it’s helpful and you keep coming back. It helps me so I’m not going anywhere 🙂

Away from the market writing, 2021 was a year filled with career highlights for me. This year we hired eight new employees, saw our assets under management climb by almost a billion dollars (updated ADV filing coming soon), created the first-ever crypto index SMA with some bold-faced partners, started an accounting firm to service our wealth management clients (RWM Tax), announced the Future Proof Festival – our September 2022 live event, added almost 30,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel and launched our red-hot new podcast, The Compound and Friends. Somehow I managed to fit in over 150 hours of television appearances for CNBC and MSNBC.

Professionally, I am surrounded by the most incredibly talented and thoughtful cast of characters I could ever dream of. Clients are happy, portfolios are doing what they’re supposed to do and the combination of powerful content paired with superior customer service is winning us business from coast to coast. Creatively, I have never been more fulfilled. The coming week should offer some rejuvenation for the personal life – something always has to give and I admit the last few months haven’t been a walk in the park (I have two teenagers). I don’t always take the best care of myself or find enough time to just be “Josh” at home, as opposed to “DOWNTOWN JOSH BROWN” – this is definitely something I have to get better at next year.

Anyway, thanks for reading, watching, listening and following my stuff this year. It means the world to me, I so appreciate each and every one of you. I’ll see you in ’22.

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