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Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Party is Over – The Reformed Broker

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Join Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for another round of What Are Your Thoughts? On this week’s episode, Josh and Michael discuss the biggest topics in investing and finance, including:

►The Party is Over – With rising interest rates and inflation, investors are more selective about when they’ll get their money back.

►Sell the News – There was nothing you could have said on an earnings call this quarter to keep your stock price up.

►Charlie Munger Unloads – Charlie’s message for TikTok investors is “welcome to adult life.”

►Surging Buybacks – S&P 500 firms are expected to have bought back at least $265 billion in stock in the fourth quarter.

►Circle SPAC – Josh has yet to see a single SPAC target company hold its value post-transaction.

►Geopolitical events – “Sell the buildup, buy the invasion.”

►Pile of Cash – A viewer asks how to invest a growing pile of cash.

►Paying Dividends – How does a company like AT&T maintain such a huge dividend?

And much more!

This episode is presented by https://liftoffinvest.com. Liftoff® is an automated investment advisory service powered by Betterment, and is a wholly owned entity of Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC. Ritholtz Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor who receives fees from clients who invest in their Liftoff proprietary portfolios, which are not necessarily discussed in the commentary.

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