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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Warren Buffett Fires the Elephant Gun

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Join Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for another round of What Are Your Thoughts? On this week’s episode, Josh and Michael discuss the biggest topics in investing and finance, including:

►Crypto Rally – Don’t look now but BTC solidly above $40,000 for a while now.

►10% declines – “With U.S. stocks down over 10%, investors are worrying about their portfolios yet again.”

►Flat Yield Curve – “The Worst Run For Bonds Since 1980”

►Bottom? – The Nasdaq Composite fell to a 52-week low, then surged at least 2.5% on back-to-back days.

►Buffett Fires the Elephant Gun – Buying up shares of Occidental like there’s no tomorrow.

►Gambling – It’s not as much fun as people thought.

►Single Stock Risk – How much is too much for a young investor to have invested in a single stock?

►P/E Ratio – Relationship between a stock’s current P/E ratio and its Forward P/E ratio.

Today’s episode is sponsored by our friends at Acre Trader. To learn more about investing in farmland visit AcreTrader.

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