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Friday, June 2, 2023

Continuity in a time of change at Vanguard Fixed Income Group

How do you see FIG and the role of the Head of FIG evolving so that we can continue to produce strong results for investors?

Greg: A big part of this is around talent, and you see this with Sara, who is a very talented investment professional and leader. Our main goal is to make sure we are strengthening the bench by investing in and developing talent while supplementing that with great, experienced hires from the outside. We believe this process is ultimately going to produce strong results.

We also want to ensure we have the latest and best technology in place. We’re being innovative in terms of the strategies we’re implementing based on research and quantitative capabilities. We’re making sure we’re creating an inclusive environment where everybody can truly succeed at what they do and produce the best results for our clients.

Sara: It’s a continuation of what John and Greg started. We remain focused on delivering industry-leading investment results across index, ETF, money market, and active bond funds.

We will continue to build out capabilities; as John mentioned, we have increased our presence in emerging markets, high yield, and mortgages. Our Core Bond Fund just hit the five-year mark and has had a strong performance record. And we recently launched two new ESG-screened corporate bond ETFs—one in the U.S. and one in Europe. All these decisions are contributing to a more complete and stronger product lineup.

Talent will continue to be core to our success—we have diverse, high-performing teams of deep specialists and a collaborative culture that fuels our edge.

Finally, we are leaning heavily into cutting-edge technology to develop enhanced insights as well as increase efficiencies.

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