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Sunday, September 24, 2023

This Week on TRB – The Reformed Broker

Let me just say thank you for helping me raise more than $20,500 this month for the food bank fundraiser my seventh grader and his friends started. Here on Long Island we have tens of thousands of children living in food insecure homes. This money goes a long way toward making sure everyone has enough to eat this winter. To all who donated and shared the link, I appreciate you. You’ve helped us do a beautiful thing. 

If this has inspired you in any way, Google search the nearest food bank or community pantry near you. Call them up and ask them what they need. Every little bit of help counts.

Hope you caught the latest What Are Your Thoughts. We did a lot this week, so much going on. Watch it above from our YouTube channel and subscribe here for the alerts. We’ll be back this Tuesday night at 5:30pm ET, see you there 🙂

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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