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Saturday, September 30, 2023

This Week on TRB – The Reformed Broker

We did Austin big this week. Supersized. BBQ, country music, sports bars, meetings, dinners, lunches, walks, scooters, forget about it. What a city.

Some pics from the trip below:

We were posted up at The Line hotel all week. When we bumped into the Ameriprise gang, there was quite a scuffle. Three hospitalized, two arrests. 

This is La Piscina, a Tex Mex spot on the pool deck of the Proper Hotel. Guac was insane. That’s Alex, Angie and Brian sitting across from me. I have teammates who personify the RWM culture, this is the way. 

Nate is a CFP-track young advisor who started with us as an intern two years ago. This summer, we made it official – he’s part of the team now. You should see this kid in action. Future star. 

Eric is our new advisor based in Austin. We met him last fall in Houston on one of our trips and the fit was obvious from that first meeting. The truck is badass. 

Nick from Lafayette, Louisiana (in salmon) joined us back in 2019. His business is flourishing and we couldn’t be prouder of the work he’s doing for our clients. Anna and Colleen from Chicago are our secret weapons. We couldn’t do anything without them. 

It was 102 degrees outside but Terry Black’s was on the agenda and I wasn’t skipping it. Here I am sweating like I founded a crypto exchange. And these Lone Stars go down way too easy. 

The brisket is a showstopper. The turkey was surprisingly good. 

My partner Kris and I doing twin massage chairs at Barbara Jordan. I know it’s a little sus but consider the context – a potential three hour delay. What else is there to do? We got home okay. 


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