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5 risks you face in retirement

Before you dive into retirement, consider what risks you might face and how you can prepare. 

After decades of carefully balancing your family, job, and sanity, retirement should come as a relaxing and well-deserved reward from a lifetime of hard work doing all the fun things you pictured.

Here’s how a Vanguard personal advisor can help you plan for 5 common risk factors you might run into in retirement.


Market risk

What it is—Unexpected changes in investment returns, inflation, or other market variables.

How to prepare for it—Make sure your asset allocation is right for your goals. Money meant for spending in retirement may have a different allocation than money earmarked as an inheritance for your loved ones. And don’t be too quick to try to minimize market risk—with some goals it could make sense to be more aggressive!

How an advisor can help—They’ll customize a financial plan for your specific needs and goals. And they’ll run your portfolio through 10,000 hypothetical market scenarios to make sure it’s prepared for all kinds of future market conditions.

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